My book, Rise as One –  7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership  is on it´s way in English, points to a crucial key for future growth, both for companies and for individuals of all genders: integrating feminine power with masculine power and upgrading or Human OS.

It´s sounds self-evident considering that an equal yin-yang dynamic is the foundation of all living systems.

However, the collective pendulum has long been in masculine overdrive – now it needs to swing in the more feminine direction to heal the root cause of our collective imbalances and birth regenerative flow.

The 7 facets of 21st Century Leadership enables people and businesses to achieve more with less while addressing the wide spectrum of challenges of our time: from stress on the microcosmic level to lack of sustainable systems on the macrocosmic level. It is the very foundation for the regenerative leadership needed to futureproofe your career, organization and our planet.

Read it whether you are a man, woman, employee or leader. Read it if you want to create better results at home, at work and in the world. Read it if you want to influence the future that is already happening.

You can already read it in Danish, and soon in English.

The book is accompanied by a leadership training in 21st Century Leadership where participants learn to practise and master the new rules of the game.

The leadership training is available as online training, inhouse training or live training.

It can be attended in a mixed group or a women only group.

Check for details.

Or get a taste of 21st Century paradigms in the minicourse From Crisis to Quantum Leap.

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PART 1: The rules of the game have changed – The future is Feminine

Five reasons why the future is feminine

PART 2: The 7 Facets of Leadership Based on the Feminine Model

Complementarity – Dynamic Leadership

Polarity – Synergy Leadership

Authenticity – Trustworthy Leadership

Integrity – Responsible Leadership

Proactivity – Innovation Leadership

Synchronicity – Visionary Leadership

Totality – Holistic leadership

PART 3: How you and your business can play in alignment with the new rules

– Feminine Century Leadership in Practise

What can Companies do?

What can Leaders do?

What can Women do?

What can Men do?

What can Society do?

The way forward.

Notes & Litterature

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Truly a nice book!

Really a nice book! I’m fundamentally convinced that you’re right in the importance of being able to play all strings – masculine and feminine.

I’ve always felt that was crucial: being able to use both the front hand and the back hand.

With your seven pillars of 21st century leadership, you put words on much of my leadership philosophy.

I think the book has international caliber, and I hope it will be read by many leaders and leader aspirants of both sexes, so it can help strengthen business and society.

A Visionary Page Turner

A visionary page turner on 21st Century leadership and how we through the synergy of the masculine and feminine energies can develop the full potential of leaders, individuals, and organizations.

The book shows us how the best results are created when focusing on a holistic perspective.

A must-read for managers and everyone else who want to influence the future positively.

Very exciting read!

Wildly exciting read! It’s original. And it’s needed.

Something essential in me was met – click!

Sometimes you just know that something is true. And something falls into place.

Read this book. And feel yourself! Something essensial in me was met. Click!

A fulfilling sensation.

And much suddenly made new sense.

The book has moved and transformed me

I’m not just impressed after reading the book – I am moved. When I look through my eyes now, the world has changed colors – I have been transformed. Moved by a solid and thoroughly professional book that fills me with the facts presented in an authentic and credible way. At the same time, the book has filled me with the guidance and vision, my inner pioneer and my heart needs. The book has an undercurrent of wisdom and a desire to act that is inspiring and makes the messages glow. It turns on and lights up the fire in me that burns for wanting to make a difference.

Must be read by anyone interested in leadership

A really good book that is spot on and in line with the zeitgeist.

It is very much worth reading and a must for anyone interested in management and leadership.

It’s time to think new

Time has come to think new. Business executives have needed to do this for centuries, but it has happened sofar largely in spirals that have lifted the same logic to new loops. And so we have called it innovation, while speed has increased but the course against the unbearable is maintained. “The future is feminine” is about a paradigmshift and so indicates a new mindset for a sustainable future. Therefore, it on the one hand reaches out for everybody and on the other hand show business people and leaders which way to go. This is not a battle for the skirt against the suit, but rather for the dress and shirt in balance. What Prince was for the music, this book may be for the 21st Century work life.

Most leaders think too one sided – finally a book that doesn´t

There are many leaders who still believe that the road to business success is more bottom line focus, more CPIs, more burning platforms, tighter management of employees and cuts on everything that makes the work more fun and exciting because they are caught in an exaggerated result-oriented, masculine management paradigm. Here is finally a book that clearly shows how unbalanced that view becomes and how we can create more sustainable, happier and (yes!) more profitable businesses by providing space for leadership based on the feminine model.


A book filled with new ideas and relevant perspectives.

A book on innovation, growth and renewed competitive power

This is not a book about gender equality or gender match.

This is a book about what companies should do to boost innovation, growth and renewed competitive power.

A must-read for visionary business executives who want to future-proof their business.

You can not avoid this book

Kirsten Stendevad’s book works all the way around a crucial topic of our time and is in itself really a good example of holistic leadership. You can not avoid this book! It brings together many threads and trends of our time and gives the reader an updated gps for leadership that equips you for the 21st Century. The book is both well-written, useful, sometimes humorous and well-documented.

A beautiful piece of work that the world needs

I think you have created a beautiful piece of work that the world needs! Great nice job !! Well done!!!

Feminity is the Operating System of the 21st Century


About the Author

Kirsten Stendevad is a visionary pioneer in the field of leadership and expert in leadership based on the feminine model.

She is (co-) author of 7 trendsetting books and has given workshops at Harvard Business School, MIT, McKinsey & Company and more.

Kirsten is a mentor for a number of entrepreneurs and change makers and educates leaders with and without a title in the new leadership.

She has an MA. from University of Copenhagen and New School, and is also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and evolutionary coach.

She has spent half of her life abroad, including 12 years in Brussels and 10 years in New York.

Kirsten Stendevad

Phone: +45 31 32 65 64.


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The Future is Feminine is on its way to be published in English.

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