The following trading conditions apply to all trading from Kirsten Stendevad’s company with CVR 2704 4956, whether you buy via bank transfer, paypal, internet shop or cash. 

All courses, products and educations in the shop at are from Kirsten Stendevad, CVR no. 2704 4956 at Kirsten Stendevad, Sortedam Dossering 53D 5, 2100 København OE, Denmark.

We can be contacted at, tel. + 45 31 32 65 64.

Everything in the shop can be bought with VISA and Dankort, if you want to pay with American Express or Mastercard you can do it via the paypal button.

As paypal charges 5% in transaction fee, this amount will be charges separately for those who pay via paypal.

All prices are stated in Danish kroner (DKK) and if there is ex VAT, they will be added 25% VAT at checkout.

For all purchases in the shop, you are expected to contact us yourself if you change cards.

Payment Terms for Leadership Trainings, Circles, Online Courses, Live Courses, Home-Study Kits, and Individual Sessions.

Education, courses, workshops and circles take place at the specified times. If Kirsten is prevented from giving the live course itself, her teachings will be made available online and you will meet an exciting guest teacher instead. Should courses or workshops be canceled, the buyer will either receive another offer, or – if nothing else is offered instead of the planned course – the full amount paid back. If a day is canceled, the day will be replaced by a new date. You can pay for courses in instalments for a small administration fee.

Registration for education, circles, mentoring courses and online courses is final.

If you cancel your participation within eight days before the start of the course, you will be invoiced an administration fee of 15% of the course price plus VAT. If you want to cancel when there are less than eight days to start the course, you have the following options: You can send a different (approved by Kirsten) person than yourself, or you can exchange your course fee for some of our other services. Once you have started receiving the service agreed upon, or there are eight days or less until you start working with Kirsten Stendevad, you can no longer get  a refund.

For the live online (as opposed to homestudy kits) and live courses, you can unsubscribe up to 14 days after the service agreed upon with Kirsten Stendevad has started. If you unsubscribe within the first 14 days, you only pay the first installment. Thereafter, the registration is final and the full payment needs to happen.

It is thus not possible to exit a course in the middle of the course. Even if you choose not to attend the class, you are still liable for the full price of the product you have agreed to. Material from the teaching modules are available online so you can be kept up to speed should you be prevented from attending live.

Purchase of  individual sessions is final. You can reschedule up to 24 hours before your appointment. After the session, no money will be returned. You are responsible for having a well-functioning telephone or Skype connection.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program or courses along the way,

such as the order of the topics or new ways of delivering the content, such as audio files instead of video files that may prove too large to view on participants’ mobile media. It may also happen that we have to change dates due to unforeseen circumstances. We need to be able to adapt our offer to the individual group, and to the needs and insights that may arise along the way. However, participants always receive the content they have purchased.

When we introduce a new concept that is more likely to be adjusted along the way, this is reflected in a reduced introductory price or a special customized offer.

Terms of payment regarding products (here a distinction is made between courses and products. For rules regarding courses, see above).

Online products are delivered digitally via email. Delivery of online products usually takes place within a few minutes, but in special cases it can take longer, for example in the case of a course that is taken that has not yet begun. No refunds will be given for online products delivered.

Payment terms for subscription to online courses

After registering for an online course, the monthly amount will be deducted each month on your card or via paypal. The amount is deducted automatically. If you change cards or the amount cannot be deducted for other reasons, you are responsible for paying your subscription on time in another way, eg via bank transfer.

You can access the product via an email with a link and login. If you have feedback for Kirsten, you can send it to

As a participant, you must provide a functional email address to which you can receive the services you have purchased access to through your membership. If you want to change your email address, this can be done by writing to

We can not take special precautions in relation to special spam filters or dysfunctional email addresses, so it is your own responsibility to ensure that you receive emails from us. If you have problems, you can of course always contact us at

You will also receive a receipt for your purchase at your email address, and it is your own responsibility to save this, as it is extra work and expense for us to find old receipts.

Illumina International reserves the right to unsubscribe from members who for any reason do not pay their subscription on time with immediate notice from the month for which there is no coverage. Remember to let us know if you change cards at

An amount greater than what you have approved at the time of purchase will never be deducted. Data you send in connection with purchases paid for with payment cards is of course encrypted (SSL).

Illumina International does not store card numbers, expiration dates and check digits in the web business’s systems when your purchase is completed.


Kirsten Stendevad has all rights to the digital products and all material, printed and digital, which she has produced and made available in relation to educations, mentoring courses, circles, products, lounge membership, online courses and individual sessions. Upon purchase, the right to use products and materials is obtained. The right of use is personal. Products and materials must be treated confidentially and must not be handed over or passed on to third parties. Products and materials may only be used for personal use.

Products, materials and concepts may not be used for purposes other than those for which they were purchased, including in particular they may not be used commercially in direct or indirect competition with Kirsten Stendevad’s company. Kirsten Stendevad or her companies and unique concepts may not be used for advertising or reference purposes without written permission. 


Participants in Kirsten Stendevads programs are not allowed to copy Kirsten Stendevads material, concepts or teachings without written consent from Kirsten Stendevad.

If you want to pass on what you have learned, it is possible to be certified to do so and be licensed to use Kirstens material within particular timeframes that are agreed upon beforehand.

If the delivered product / material (s) and Kirsten Stendevad’s name are used in violation of this provision, Kirsten Stendevad is entitled to a fine of DKK 120,000 per violation. In the case of a continuing violation, a new conventional penalty is calculated for each month started. Kirsten Stendevad is also entitled to have the violation stopped by bailiff bail without security.


As part of our unique concept is that all teachings must be able to be experienced from home, participants must expect to be included in photos and video. If the participant does not want to give permission to be filmed or photographed, it is the participant’s own obligation to stay out of the lenses. Illumina International reserves the right to use still photos and videos that do not relate to confidential material for marketing purposes unless the participant has requested being omitted from this in writing. If Illumina International wishes to use video clips in which participants comment on the camera, this can only be done with the participant’s oral or written consent.


All products are intended for people who are healthy and well, physically and mentally. You use the teachings and the material at your own risk.

Any liability that Kirsten Stendevad may incur in relation to its products, courses, coaching, training and subscriptions is limited to direct damage and loss. Kirsten Stendevad shall under no circumstances be liable for indirect damage or loss. The disclaimer for indirect damage and loss applies regardless of the nature of liability and regardless of whether Kirsten Stendevad has acted simply negligently. Kirsten Stendevad’s liability for direct damage and loss is limited to 50% of the price of the product or service to which the liability relates. 

Choice of law and venue:

Disagreements between Kirsten Stendevad and the buyer must be settled in accordance with Danish law at the Copenhagen City Court as the first instance. 

Information on appeal options

A complaint about a product or service purchased from us can be submitted to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby.

You can complain to

Center for Complaint Resolution via

The EUCommission’s online complaints portal can also be used to lodge a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaint is filed here When submitting a complaint, please provide our email address:

© 2024 Kirsten Stendevad. All rights reserved.

Kirsten Stendevad, Illumina International CVR 2704 4956


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