A Transformative Leadership Journey and Exclusive Network for Visionary A-players who want to upgrade to the 21st Century Operating System and Lead the Change of their Companies and the World

Can be joined by invitation only

As a leader, you know that you are called to Step Up. Now.


Business UNusual is the new norm

A New Era of Leadership

Traditional leadership models are no longer sufficient in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Our programs introduce a new kind of leadership that is forward-thinking, innovative, and future-fit.

Exponential Leadership for Extraordinary Results

Our training equips executives with the skills and mindset needed to drive exponential growth and achieve extraordinary results. Learn how to harness disruptive technologies, embrace change, and lead your organization into the future.

Regenerative Leadership for Sustainable Success

We emphasize the importance of regenerative leadership, where leaders prioritize sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Discover how to live in integrity and create a positive impact on your organization and the world.

Conscious Leadership for Authentic Connection

Our programs focus on developing conscious leaders who lead with empathy, authenticity, and mindfulness. Learn how to build strong relationships, foster a positive work culture, and inspire your team to reach their full potential.

Gender intelligent Leadership for Successful DEIB

Solve the DEIB problem from the Root Cause. In today’s diverse world, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging is essential. Our programs provide insights and strategies on how to create inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and empowered.

AI Leadership to Upgrade at the Speed of Technology

Learn how to keep evolving your Humanity and Natural Intelligence so you can enhance productivity wih AI without becoming an irrelevant dinosaur. This requires a constant upgrade of the only and few elements with which humans can compete with artificial intelligence.

Collective Leadership for Collaborative Success

Collective intelligence is the new superpower. Our training helps leaders foster collaboration, co-creation and teamwork within their organizations. Discover how to harness the collective wisdom of your team for greater success.

In short, equip yourself adequately so you are ready for turbulent times of radical change!


How awake are you?

– in your life, your business and the World?

Are you sitting on a modern Titanic cheering with your friends while moving at full speed towards an iceberg (in fact there is already water coming in on third class)?

Or are you intersted in accelerating the necessary paradigmshift in yourself, your organization and it´s stakeholders?


As an A-player you know it´s invaluable to upgrade your leadership with other top performers

The Illuminary Leadership Accelerator is a Unique, Exclusive Program and Network where A-players from different companies connect on a deeper level and help each other rise to their highest Purpose and create extraordinary results from within.

It´s a 12 month journey where members

* Upgrade to the OS of the 21st Century,

* Add the title of “Chief Energy Officer” by practising Mastery of the 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership,

* Become able to lead the transformation any organization needs to go through to align with the new needs and wants

* Get inspired by cutting edge trends in technology, (regenerative) business, quantum physics,  psychology and spirituality 

* Cross-fertilize with the most Visionary people on the planet.

The program is a supportive transformative sanctuary ideally suited for leaders committed to future-proof career, company and planet – in one go.

What participants have in common:

  • They are ambitious, driven and accomplished, whether they are formal leaders, founders or fiery souls
  • They have a drive to – or a job to – lead the future for themselves and their companies
  • They sense an urgency to step up now
  • They want to future proof in the most effective way that leads to an upgrade for all stakeholders.
  • They want to get inspired by a diverse mix of cutting edge frontrunners and innovators
  • They sense that the era of the lonely wolf is over – the new leadership is collective.



We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light a candle that can guide us through the darkness to a safe and sure future.

John F. Kennedy

What makes this program unique?

  • We are the only leadership training academy that start with an upgrade of your brain and heart power that ensures lasting change
  • We are among the very few who give you access to a 360 degree upgrade
  • We are a boutique academy that doesnt have a conventional reputation to defend, but can be as cutting edge and agile as our times demand
  • We costumize our trainings, so each benefits both from indvidual care and masterminding with the group.
  • We don´t shy away from hacks that can get you to where you want to go faster
  • We embody what we teach and help you walk your talk
  • We know the anatomy of transformation because we have taken the journey ourselves.
  • We have gone where very few in the corporate environment have been and can thus take you further than most.


  • We meet both pyshically and online, both in groups and 1-1
  • We work with our 7 main intelligences: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Erotic, Energetic and Collective Intelligences
  • We use methods spanning from tests and tech & to physical exercises, meditation and shamanic work
  • We introduce you to (the work of) futurists, quantum physicists and enlightened masters
  • We guide you on a hero/ine’s journey and provide you with the helpers you need to meet
  • We teach  you the most effective tools for accessing your deepest Truth and your Highest intelligence
  • We help you grow by awakening your dormant resources
  • We reveal which simple steps lead to the greatest positive Shifts.

When the last fish has been caught and the last tree has been cut, we will realize that it is not possible to eat money

Indigenous saying that reminds us that a narrow focus on financial gain only is so 20th Century.

For our own sake, we also need to succeed in terms of the relational and planetary bottom lines. 

This in turn is more likely to generate futurefit businesses that can also blossom in the long run.



Elon Musk




  • you feel something bigger wants to happen, and you are wise enough to admit you can´t get there on your own.
  • You sense that what used to give you success might not get you to the next level.
  • you are in danger of tunnelvision if you don´t broaden your perspective by being in frequent quality interaction with other brilliant minds that think radically different from yourself.
  • you are in danger of missing out on crucial trends and new business models because you don´t have time to stay up to speed in all areas all the time
  • you are in danger of burning out because you simply work too much (and sleep too little and have too little time for self-care)
  • you are in danger of misusing your gifts if you only focus on making money, when you could make even more by doing less better
  • you are in danger of being disrupted because of unforeseen sudden changes in your company, industry, career or family. And then what?
  • you are in danger of feeeling worthless if you only feel you are “somebody” because of your performance
  • you are in danger of being only a half-excellent leader because you dont master both your intellectual and your emotional qualities
  • you are in danger of becoming a dinosaur because you don´t master the new rules of the game
  • you are in danger of regretting on your deathbed if you didn´t invest in leaving a luminary legacy
  • Your organization is in danger of chaos, suffering, even extinction, if you don´t understand how to lead it into the unknown future


You do not qualify for this unique program if you don´t have all of the following:

  • A Go Giver attitude: awareness that you get what you give, and more.
  • Karma consciousness: treat others like you would like to be treated
  • Interest in personal development
  • A learning mindset (vs fixed mindset)
  • Openminded- and hearted-ness towards new: new generations, technology, foreign cultures, perspectives, practices, habits & paradigms.
  • Commitment to serve not only yourself and your company but also Humanity.


What leadership are you taking to help decide?


  • In-depth knowledge of the mind-shifts, new ways of working and 21st Century leadership paradigms
  • Experience with cutting edge methods to bring out the best in yourself, in others and in teams
  • A effective space for reflection on how you and your organization can work smarter and thus achieve more with less
  • Experience in translating the new rules of the game into (organizational) practice
  • A network of like-minded sparring partners.


  • A representative scouting the cutting edge across industries on the company´s behalf
  • An ambassador for the company represented at the table of the new collaborative trendsetters
  • A rolemodel who carry the new leadership DNA and thus can help spread the new leadership paradigm to others
  • A spearhead who can help renew the organization in alignment with 21st century mega trends
  • An unstressed and productive lighthouse who can lead the way for a creative and sustainable working style
  • An inspirator who can bring new tools to meetings and more effective management practices into the company
  • A lesser risk of brain drain of the most creative talent which typically leave businesses that are not up to speed.

Opened up a higher perspective on life, career and my true calling

“Kirsten is a visionary. She has observed and understood for a long time what others are only realizing as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic: The way we do business, the way we lead this world, must change. Kirsten has distilled the essence of what’s needed in 7 principles of leadership fit for the future. She has years of experience in developing leaders combined with a holistic outlook and compassion for others. This makes her the essence of what she teaches – a leader for the 21st Century.
Kirsten is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and insights. She has in a very short time opened my mind up to a world I did not know existed, and with that, broadened my perspective on what my future can look like. I cannot wait to continue my journey with her and her high caliber network.”

Eva Kloeve, leader at World Bank, DC.

Have become more creative, productive and visionary

“I have learned so much that has changed so much for me. I have significantly strengthened my self-worth and my direction, and my creativity and productivity have increased while my stress has decreased.

I’ve got new good work habits, a great network and now even “impossible” dreams seem realistic.”

Tine Pia Jensen, CEO, Lumuma Production & brand agency 

Nominated as Leader of the year and Colleague of the year

“My current leadership training with Kirsten is the most transformative I have ever experienced. The fact that it lasts almost a year and with monthly and weekly virtual meetings, makes it impossible not to establish new practices… I have  gained more physical strength, inner peace and not least more joy of life in general. The support from both Kirsten, her eminent and inspiring co-leaders and the entire cheering choir on the team means that I am now rooted in a community that gives me great strength and inspiration for my everyday life. With the results we already see for ourselves, those of us who participate in Kirsten’s training this year, I can not imagine anyone other than Kirsten, who can bring a group of leaders regardless of their gender, so far in such a short time – and with so much joy, laughter, togetherness, inspiration, energy, spirit, motivation and perseverance. Kirsten is truly a master at bringing out the most beautiful light in all of us and ensuring that we are nourished for both body and soul. I have just been told that I am now both nominated for Colleague of the Year and Leader of the Year – it would not have happened without this training!”

Laila Kofoed Chef, Head of IT Gjensidige Insurance

The best I have done for my career – it beats all outplacement programs

The leadership development course as a feminine future leader: It’s the best thing I’ve done in my career,

as the training deals with all the tools needed to lead in the new age as a whole person with the use of a feminine and masculine mind-set and practices.

Highly recommend Kirsten Stendevad’s training to everyone. It beats all outplacement programs.

Gitte Madelaire, Head of Operations and Minister of Culture, Ensure

Have received better balance, clarity self-worth, courage and drive

I can highly recommend Kirsten Stendevad’s leadership training. It is a wild transformational  journey, where we work from the inside out, creating an inner balance between the feminine and the masculine.

I have lived a large part of my life in predominance of the masculine, with achievement and action, but completely forgot to enjoy from the feminine.

Kirstens exercises are effective and have for me so far created greater results with an inner feeling of calm and balance. There is a super good mix between theory and practice in the training.

My feminine power has slowly increased, I dare to express it more, I now feel it physically in my body. At the same time, I have gained self-worth.

Kirsten oozes of feminine power, and she has a heart of gold.

I am so lucky and grateful to be part of her training where we learn to lead the future. 

Janni Servais, Business coach specialized in better customer care, FOCUS Consulting

Invaluable support for pioneers

Thank you so much for your unstoppable dedication and abundant heart energy. To me, it is a surplus of a carat that is completely unique. Role model!

I have known some of the things you teach for many years, but because of your leader training I get to apply them, and therefore I have grown in completely new ways, with the wholeness intact.

I could not do the pioneering work I do without the support of the group – it is invaluable.

Kirsten Krogh CEO, Out-of-the-box & Beyond-the-box

Got more courage and bigger Visions

I am grateful for my education in feminine leadership with Kirsten. It has given me the courage to have bigger visions and a strong drive to create better results with more wholeness and balance.

Louise Koch
Corporate Sustainability Director Dell


You are not a leader until you have produced a leader who can produce another leader.

DR. Stephen Brown






The program centers around a 21st Century leadership model

that can be illustrated as below.

The upper pyramid symbolizes the Masculine Essence in all of us.

The lower pyramid symbolizes the Feminine Essence in all of us.

The key element of Illuminary Leadership is that

both parts must be used equally – by all.

The alternative will always, and only always,

per natural law, result in an imbalance.

It is precisely these inner and outer imbalances, Illuminary Leadership addresses

– before it’s too late.

The leadership model for the 21st Century is shaped like a diamond because diamonds

– like Humanity –

are developed under pressure.

The diamond shows us what wonder can come out of hardship.

The purpose of the program is to polish the inner diamond so participants can shine, illuminate others and spread the Light.


  1. Achieve more with less through Regenerative Leadership
  2. Work (brain) smarter, not harder
  3. Turn stress and overwhelm into (AI-turbo) productivity and creativity.


1. Stop  wasting talent and reap the abundant fruits of DEIB

2. Upgrade your autopilot and attract the best humans

3. How 1 + 1 can become 11.


  1. Replace blame and criticism with Samurai-centered strength and response-ability
  2. Learn to make the impossible possible by applying Power vs force
  3.  Stop repeating the patterns of the past and start building a better future.


  • 1. How to stay relevant in the era of artificial intelligence
  • 2. Find & follow your vocation – personally and organizationally
  • 3. Create psychological safety via your highest intelligence.


  1. Walk your talk.
  2. Be extraordinary
  3. Awaken your dormant resources to multiply your personal and organizational capacity exponentially.


  1. Unfold the enfolded order to keep a competitive advantage
  2. Navigate wih clarity in the age of misinformation
  3. Turn crisis into a quantum leap.


  1. Amplify your human resources via Collective Intelligence
  2. Disrupt vs being disrupted
  3. Expand your Impact, Leave a Legacy.


Embody the 7 facets of 21st Century leadership

and implement the systemic equivalent


The main host, guide and facilitator of the training is Kirsten Stendevad, author of Gyldendal Business book The future is Feminine – 7 Dimensions of 21st Century Leadership that take You and Your Company from Great to Extraordinary.

Kirsten is known as a visionary inspirator and catalyst for inner and outer growth. She is (co)-author of 7 trendsetting books about the 21st century paradigms, and has taught at Harvard BusinessSchool, MIT, Simmons Graduate School of Management (MBA Education for Women Only) as well as in companies such as Nordea, McKinsey & co, novozymes et al

She has almost 2 decades of experience in developing leaders, fiery souls and entrepreneurs. One of Kirsten’s strenghts is an unrivaled network of extraordinary international capacities that she will bring to the program.

Participants will also get tailored, individual mentoring about Calling, Vision, Strategy and Unlocking Blockages for Leadership.

In addition, participants will, where appropriate, have the opportunity to get mentoring from experienced senior top executives.

Participants will also be introduced to inspiring forward-thinking role models from different industries that take leadership for solving some of the challenges we face as people, businesses and communities.

As a large part of the training material is available digitally, it is possible for participants to fit the training into a busy schedule.


5 Star Speaker

You got by far the highest evaluation: 5-figures from all participants on a scale of 1-5: Well done.

Kirsten taught me to walk on 2 legs.

Being a part of Kirsten Stendevad´s training has made a huge difference for me – both as a woman, leader and mother.

I received tools to reach and achieve more – without working harder more, even gaining renewed energy and peace of mind.

Before I used only one leg: the masculine. Kirsten taught me to use both my masculine and my feminine powers.

The future is feminine – also for men

Kirstens book and talk on why the future is feminine and how to adapt, is both highly relevant and very exiting – not least for men.

Kirsten can change your life

Kirsten Stendevad is an inspiring, personal and incredibly articulate speaker who is able to give her audience something to take home. If you listen closely, Kirsten can change your life.


We just evaluated the day and everyone who attended your super workshop agreed that it was the best one of the day and that it should be mandatory for everyone to hear what you said. Fantastic. Those who didn’t attend it were really sorry that they missed out, so we would like to hire you again.

If you want to retain women and young talent

Kirsten Stendevad is an inspiring and engaging speaker, who in an entertaining way talks about a refreshing approach to 21st century leadership. This workshop was full of interesting new angles about why holistic leadership is necessary today, not least if you want to attract and retain the new generations in the workplace .

Exceptionally inspiring and illuminating

Kirsten Stendevad is an exceptionally inspiring and illuminating woman and speaker. She has a rare ability to see past the obstacles many of us let ourselves be stopped by, and she contaminates us with her enthusiasm for new thoughts and ideas. She is always on the cutting edge of emerging trends.

You moved us

It was a great talk you delivered to Kirsten, I’m sure the “moved” something in everyone present.
With people like you in the world there is hope



When the above video was created in 2019, it was mostly women who felt drawn to a new kind of leadership.

Since more and more smart, accomplished male executives have taken the training
– to become more balanced leaders who are able to lead even the Millenials in a more effective way.

Here is an excerpt of the feedback we have received from leaders who identify as (traditional) males:

I cannot praise this training enough

I am grateful beyond words for the new level of insight I have experienced as a result of this training. I have gone through an extraordinary transformation and cannot say enough good things about the format, the structure of the journey, the people you introduce us to, both the ones you attract as participants and the experts we meet as part of the journey. I feel like a whole new being and stand solidly in my healthy masculine with important awareness about 21st Century Leadership.

K.A, leader energy company.

A loving and competent training in the consciousness of the new era

The leadership training with Kirsten Stendevad is a competent, loving and enlightened introduction to the consciousness of the new era. On all levels, Kirsten Stendevad has a God-given ability to transmit and facilitate many years of experience in leadership and awareness work. She inspires leaders at all levels and introduces effective tools for 21st Century leadership in the most beautiful way.

Karsten Skjoldhøj
CEO DesignMind – the award-winning leading expert in Conscious Branding

Have taken a quantum leap as a person and leader

As a dedicated guide, Kirsten creates amazing settings for learning and personal development. Here she manages to build a bridge between the future-visionary feminine universe and the completely tangible tools that immediately strengthened my daily management. I have taken a quantum leap personally, as a leader and in my private life.

Simon Dalsgaard
Director, Deloitte

Became a better boss because of better self-management

Kirsten is a fantastic person and good at creating an atmosphere that embraces people and makes the participants feel saf. This ensures that a space is created where you can talk about the important things. She is also good at offering a language for things that are not often talked about. I have taken many essential elements with me, which make me a better leader because I have gained awareness of and tools to lead myself in a way that affects my team and my organization positively.

Jonas J.
Team leader, Energy sector

A Whole New World opened

It was a completely new world that unfolded via the Leadership Training. It was an experience that gave me much more than I expected. In itself, the energy, restitution and reflection on the live days has given an incredible amount. Kirsten, your welcoming nature, it’s absolutely fantastic and I will miss it in the future. It’s not just a management/leadership training, it’s a journey that unfolds and expands you as a Human.

Benjamin A
Naval Officer

Good challenges that led to more steady leadership

You don’t give up just because people don’t quite understand or implement the new things the first time. You continue to challenge us with new perspectives and we are ongoingly introduced to new tools that we are encouraged to experiment with in order to gain experience with how they work. As a participant you are taken care of right from the start. I also think the “stops” on the treasurenhunt-journey you have sent us onto have been rewarding, because there we have been presented with something completely different, including some experiences I would never have found or signed up for on my own. I have become a much more centered, steady and conscious leader (and family member).

Engineer & Manager

New awareness of more aspects of myself

The training clearly lived up to my expectations. It has been really good and rewarding and it has been absolutely fantastic with the weekly meetings, because it has been good to have the follow-ups between all our modules. Your commitment and your expressed joy in hosting this training has been infectious. It might be wrong to call it a leadership education because it is so much more. My wife says it has changed me a lot for the better. And I myself have discovered very useful new things, which I have gained the courage and desire to keep cultivating and strengthening.

Head of IT

Extraordinary that you transform so many men

I’m impressed that you can get so many men involved in something so different from what we’re used to. The persistency, clarity and compelling messages you serve make it really hard to say no to. I am in awe and praise you for the fact that the content of the training is not just some theoretical knowledge or an opinion. It’s something you live. It is enormously powerful that we as participants sense that the knowledge and wisdom you serve is completely rooted. The buildup of the training is also composed extremely well. The 7 facets of 21st Century Leadership are well connected, and I can also understand the order. This makes it easy to follow. I think there has been deliciousness in the setting, right from the location and catering to the small and large reminders we have been given along the way.  I have experienced a deep transformation, of myself, my career and my relationship(s).

Troels Bech
Former Football Trainer, now leadership team trainer

The World would be a better place if all leaders took this training

It is a fantastic enriching experience to participate in Kirsten Stendevad’s Future Leadership training. She has a huge reference apparatus, which she generously shares, in the form of anecdotes, quotes, an enormously broad knowledge of everything from quantum physics to spirituality as well as her own life experience. I have learned to use the feminine and masculine energy in a conscious and productive way that promotes creativity, intuition, proactivity, empathy, dynamism and momentum. The transformative learning most often takes place in a “learning-by-doing mode” through both bodily and thought pattern exercises. There is also an extraordinary power in the groups she puts together. Everyone sees and lifts each other in a very positive and life-giving light. There is no doubt that the World would be a better place if all leaders took Kirsten’s training.

Christian Helsengreen
Bureau chef, Daman


Do you want to care for your own training and development so you stay up to speed in exponentially challenging times?
Do you want support with upgrading the system in your organization to the 21st Century model (from Machine to Organism)?
Do you want to accelerate via training & a group of peers from other companies in the same situation?


12 months. For C-suite level, HR-people, Founders, Politicians and large Community Leaders and their boards/teams who need to drive the systemic change from ego to eco, from fear to faith, from separation to compassion and from selfinterested organisation to worldchanging organism.

12  months support, inspiration, evolution

12 weeks cutting edge, science based neuro fitness to upgrade brain capacity and clear out “obsolete inner software”

12 days of live training in the 7 facets of 21st Century Leadership

by Kirsten Stendevad and co-facilitators

Weekly 60 min leadership strategy sessions

With group mentoring by Kirsten Stendevad

12 Individual Sessions with experts

On participants vocation, strategy for living the vocation and elimation of blocks.

Access to Online University 24/7

with video tutorials on all tools,  inspirational interviews and curated library of talks

Access to closed digital networking group

with daily encouragements and reminders to use the new tools

Access to on demand leadership sparring 24/7

with possibility for individual mentoring outside the official sessions.

Access to cutting edge guest teachers

giving masterclasses either live or online.

These are all experts in  their field and will help particpants get inspired by cutting edge trends in tech, business models and “inner tech”.

Priority access to organizational talk/workshop

Kirsten can accelerate the organizational upgrade by giving a talk/workshop for the leadership group or team


USD/EUR 24.000 ex VAT participant


You can´t upgrade your organization to 21st Century leadership without having made the upgrade yourself.
But you can´t do it without your team either.
Here are some scaleable options to bring your leaders and employees up to speed.
The basic curriculum about the 7 Facets of 21st Century Leaderdhip is similar, but the level of ambition, leadership, intensity, customization, impact and network is different.


12 weeks. For (aspiring) leaders, small entrepreneurs and changemakers who want to align themselves with the leadership paradigm of the 21st Century.
A costfriendly and effective way to update your employees to the new leadership paradigm where everybody need to think and act as illuminary leaders.

12 weeks online training in the 7 facets of 21st Century Leadership

by Kirsten Stendevad

Weekly 90-120 min leadership strategy sessions

With group mentoring by Kirsten Stendevad

Access to Online University 24/7 for 3 months

with video tutorials on all tools,  inspirational interviews and curated library of talks

Access to closed digital networking group

with encouragements and reminders to use the new tools

Access to on demand help 24/7

with possibility for individual mentoring and customized help outside of the official sessions.


USD/EUR 3000 ex VAT /participant


6-12 months. A great solution for young talents or leaders who want to upgrade their entire staff.

1. Increase neuroplasticity, resulting in better concentration, memory and ability to learn

2. Incease Emotional capacity by clearing out old obsolete “programming” from childhood and culture

3. Install new “software”: the 7 facets of 21st Century Leadership 

4. Stay on futurefit track with monthly masterclass & mastermind with peers


Individual assesments

Customized brain fitness program via App

Monthly assesment to measure progress

Monthly new customized program

Weekly 60 min group supervision with Q & A

Emotional healing with EMDR

Free access to neurogym for employees children

Access to closed digital networking group

with daily encouragements and reminders to use the training

Access to on demand support

with possibility for individual mentoring outside the official sessions.

Access to training in 21st Century Leadership in snackable bites

Access to cutting edge guest teachers

giving masterclasses either live or online.

These are all experts in  their field and will help particpants get inspired by cutting edge trends in tech, business models and “inner tech”.


USD/EUR 6.000 ex VAT participant

Group savings apply

Contact us for a customized offer



9 months. For leaders, entrepreneurs and fiery souls who want to upgrade their leadership to the 21st Century OS and lead the future

90 days of cutting edge, science based neuro fitness to upgrade brain capacity and clear out “obsolete inner software”

9 days of live training in the 7 facets of 21st Century Leadership

by Kirsten Stendevad and co-facilitators

Weekly 90-120 min leadership strategy sessions

With group mentoring by Kirsten Stendevad

6 Individual Sessions with experts

On participants vocation, strategy for living the vocation and elimation of blocks.

Access to Online University 24/7

with video tutorials on all tools,  inspirational interviews and curated library of talks

Access to closed digital networking group

with daily encouragements and reminders to use the new tools

Access to on demand support

with possibility for individual mentoring outside the official sessions.

Access to cutting edge guest teachers

giving masterclasses either live or online.

These are all experts in  their field and will help particpants get inspired by cutting edge trends in tech, business models and “inner tech”.


USD /EUR 12.000 ex VAT participant


As the only company in the World who includes effective, timetested braintraining in our leadership programs, we are proud and grateful to be able to help our participants optimize their mental and emotional capacity in a measurable manner that brings about LASTING results. It is the fast-track for upgrading the Human Resources of any company.

In the interview below, you can meet the founder of this genius science based brainfitness program, Wynford Dore. It has has already helped 50.000 people in 40 countries experiences “significant changes” in at least 5 cognitive skills.


Time & Location:

Illuminary Leadership Accelerator (12 months Illuminary Leadership) is an open program where we accept participants a few times a year.

Please schedule a meeting if you are interested.

All day meetings are @930-17 CET, unless otherwise announced.

The program consists of a combination of indvidual sessions, group sessions (online), retreats, Masterminding sessions, Masterclasses and Leadership Strategy sessions.

Participants should estimate an investment of 30 min/day in their personal upgrade.

Plus a weekly Illuminary Leadership Strategy session of 60 min.

Individual sessions and Masterminding can be scheduled when it suits you.

Locations: Online and TBA.

More details are revealed once you are accepted to the program.

The program changes every 12 months and once admitted, participants are welcome to continue their upgrade to next level while expanding their network of global influentials year after year.


A company who wants to upgrade from 20th to 21st Century Leadership is recommended to have a critical number of leaders go through the Incubator program while top executives go through the Accelerator.

The rest of the company can benefit from Illuminary Leadership Activator (12 week online course).

Illuminary Leadership Incubator (9 months Future Leadership) can be organised as an in-house program.

Book a free meeting with Kirsten to find out whether we are a match.

Contact us by filling out the form below to hear more.


We are a boutique Leadership Academy that has always been at the cutting edge.
This comes in extra handy now that Emotional and Spiritual Capital – which is our specialty – is the next competitive advantage.

You are far from an ordinary consultant

Of course you have to make some money, but it’s clear that you’re dedicated to so much more and on a completely different level than a regular consultant, that’s why you transmit your fire and wisdom so clearly and have the transformative effect I’ve experienced.

Kim Andreasen, Team Leader.

Helping people get free from suffering

Thank you for your Deep service to helping others step in to a beautiful state free from suffering and from that place creating a New Earth for themselves and all beings!

Mikael Karholm
CEO Spread the Word & Founder Ângsbacka

You add the missing ingredient in people, business and society

You are put on Earth with your beautiful wise light to be at the forefront of innovation, helping the new energy, including the feminine, get implemented in both self-management and leadership in the upper layers of society. Thank you for your tireless, beautiful work for the cause in which you lift both the leaders and thereby both businesses and the whole society in the most skillful way. You are a role model for many people.

Merete Gundersen
Senior specialist in SQ

The path to be able to lead by example

I have never before experienced a teacher who can convey a message to students so empathetically, authentically and directly, that is implemented so quickly and clearly, as it comes straight from the heart. Illuminary leadership is for all of us. It is a state of being that recognizes and understands that we are part of this planet, to connect, learn, share and evolve. The mature Feminine that you teach integrated with healthy masculine qualities creates space for unique creativity, inclusiveness, collaboration and supportive competition. It emphasizes relationship building, personal growth and a more holistic approach to decision-making. This is what I took with me from a fantastic education, where great emphasis is placed on interaction and openness among the participants. So thank you for showing me the way to my full potential an the inner leadership I need to take in order to able to lead others by example.

Boye Sommer
Business owner

You have been so ahead of your time for so long

You saw and acted on the need for diverse leadership very early – before most people.
You stood for a long time alone but you didn’t hesitate.
You followed your heart and mind and fought for it.
It took passion, courage and determination. And you have it all.

Anne Mette Moesgaard
Former CCO ATP, now entrepreneur and D&I expert

A gifted mentor

Kirsten Stendevad has a gift in the way she sees people and responds to what they need in order to grow. With her great experience and wisdom she creates safe and nurturing spaces that can help all aspirations go far beyond any perceived limitations.

Karen Toftegaard
Founder Wildtopia

Helping upgrade our leadership DNA

As an entrepreneur Kirsten has always been ahead of her time which means she is ready to lead the rest of us into new paradigms integrating mind, body and soul into the way we work and live in the new world. She has worked relentlessly for years helping us upgrade our leadership DNA to match the needs of the future and enabling us to function and thrive as individuals while stepping up to our greater potential. Kirsten is playing a significant role in making the world a better place.

Helene Kalsmose,
CEO Enagi

You walk your talk

You have integrity, you talk the talk and you walk the walk.
Embodied leadership is what you represent, off and on the clock, from your heart.
Watching you navigate through life, honouring the feminine connection, you have inspired me to walk my own authentic path. You don’t back down when you see injustice. You seek the middle ground, but you never lose your own voice. You have inspired me to walk my path of entrepreneurship. Navigating life by trusting intuition.

Danni Hoedemakers

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