If you want to go from follower to Leader

From victim to Victorious

From formal leader to Role Model

Or from great to Extraordinary.

In short: if you want to Survive, Thrive, Co-create, Lead and Win

under the new circumstances of the “4th industrial revolution”.

You must upgrade your leadership to the new rules of the game in this “Feminine Century”.

I am the author of 7 trendsetting books on future leadership and 21st Century paradigms.

I finetune the Genius of World-Changing Leaders

My team and I help leaders, fiery souls and entrepreneurs integrate masculine and feminine power,

so the result is flow and the ability to create a brighter future for yourself and others.

We can help you and your company create the upgrade of mindset and innovative practices

that the zeitgeist is calling for.

Book a talk or a course so you and your company can become among those who co-create the future

and get the most out of it – at home, at work and in the world.

Kirsten Stendevad

Author of “The Future is Feminine”

Expert in The Feminine Century Leadership Navigator

Founder & SHE-EO Illumina International


Watch the video about leadership in the new reality here:

Femininity will be the Operating System of the 21st Century

John GezermaAuthor of the NY Times Bestseller "The Athena Doctrine - How Women (and the Men Think Like Them) Will Rule The Future" (2013)


The new rules of the game apply to all of us. But the path to unfold the resources that are needed now is slightly different.

Please select the door below you identify with.

 We can help you upgrade your life, leadership and work in alignment with the future that´s already happening.


Reap better results with fewer resources

  • Implement the new rules of the game at the business roots
  • Teach managers to play by the new rules
  • Spread the new mindshift to the entire organization

Leaders & Changemakers

Get more influence with more ease

  • Get ahead through visionary sparring
  • Keep your toolbox up to speed
  • Become a rolemodel for the new leadership


Strengthen your masculine leadership

  • Integrate your feminine superpower – without losing your masculinity
  • Be inspired by role models
  • Update your mindset


The world can not get into balance before women rediscover their feminine power.

The way forward is neither to masculinize or feminize, but to upgrade the feminine to a conscious integration of yin and yang.

We are specialists in developing this balance in women, which I call feminine leadership.

Please visit the universe for women.



5 Star Speaker

You got by far the highest evaluation: 5-figures from all participants on a scale of 1-5: Well done.

David MadiéCEO

Kirsten taught me to walk on two legs.

Being a part of Kirsten Stendevad Education in Feminine Leadership has made a huge difference for me – both as a woman, leader and mother.

I received tools to reach further and achieve more – without working harder, even with renewed energy and peace of mind.

Before I used only one leg: the masculine. Kirsten taught me to use both my masculine and my feminine legs.

Anja Westy Larsenat the time, HR leader in Copenhagen airport

The future is feminine – also for men

Kirsten’s book and talk about why the future is feminine and how to adapt, is both highly relevant and very exciting – not least for men.

Lars JørgensenCEO Waves

Kirsten can change your life

Kirsten Stendevad is an inspiring, personal and incredibly articulate speaker who is able to give her audience something to take home. If you listen closely, Kirsten can change your life.

Lise Leonhard HjorthCEO


We just evaluated the day and everyone who attended your super workshop agreed that it was the best one of the day and that it should be mandatory for everyone to hear what you said. Fantastic. Those who didn’t attend it were really sorry that they missed out, so we would like to hire you again.

Morten Boel SigurdssonCEO

If you want to retain women and young talent

Kirsten Stendevad is an inspiring and engaging speaker, who in an entertaining manner talks about a refreshing approach to 21st century leadership. Her workshop was full of interesting new angles on why holistic leadership is necessary today, not least if you want to attract and retain the new generations in the workplace

Stella KrogagerSenior PA Novo

Exceptionally inspiring and illuminating

Kirsten Stendevad is an exceptionally inspiring and illuminating woman and speaker. She has a rare ability to see the obstacles many of us let us be stopped by, and she contaminates us with her enthusiasm for new thoughts and ideas. She is allways on the cutting edge of emerging trends.

Anne Christine HagedornAuthor, Transformational

You moved us

It was a great talk you delivered to Kirsten, I’m sure it “moved” something in everyone present.
With people like you in the world, there is hope

Marion PedersenKonferencier Universal Peace Federationon FN´s Peaceday


More and more are playing by the new rules of the game.
Because it pays off.
Meet some of the front runners in the webcast eKSplore and the podcast The Future is Feminine.

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