Kirsten Stendevad is a Nordic Awakener of a more Feminine Future and Illuminary Leadership Evolver, specialized in 21st Century leadership.

She is the (co-)author of 8 trendsetting books (in Scandinavian) about 21st Century paradigms which she has lectured about at Harvard Business School, MIT, McKinsey & Company and more.

Kirsten is known for her ability to create extrardinary transformation through development programs and networks centered around  leadership of the new Dawn.

Her lifechanging programs enable leaders, business owners and change makers embody the skills that are crucial fo survive and thrive in this decade.

She is a popular speaker on topics like “From Crisis to Quantum leap”, “The 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership”, “The New Feminine Leadership”, “Masculine leadership in the “Feminine Century” and more.

She has often been quoted in the press for her inspiring out-of-the-box perspectives.

She has an MA from University of Copenhagen and New School for Social Research and  is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Evolutionary Coach and Flowgame master. She also studies Traumahealing Leadership, Regenerative Leadership and Essence-based Leadership.

She has spent half of her life in international environments, including 12 years in Brussels and 10 years in New York City.

She currently serves a global audience out of her home in Copenhagen.

She is the mother of three, whereof two on Earth and one in Heaven.



“When I met Kirsten Stendevad 2 years ago, I had no idea what big changes I was going to go through. I think many of us go and look for peace and joy outside of ourselves. I have found it inside now, and I have much more love for myself and everyone around me and not least love for life. From my heart, thank you.”

Rikke Nørgaard

First of all, thank you for a very nice course.

I would like to praise the format as I appreciate the combination of online program, facebook group, guided meditations, yoga and physical attendance. It is nice that there is so much to choose from so that I can customize it  according to both time and mood. (…) Thank you for being always present and showing your absolutely amazing ability to embrace all kinds of people. It is very inspiring and is actually one of the most important things I have taken with me.

Maria T
It has been a wonderful year! A course full of nutrients that has given me strength. The content is amazing. (…) It’s such a huge a gift to be a part of your feminine leadership training, and I’m deeply grateful that you came to Aarhus!
Tine S.
“Thank you very much for a lovely and inspiring year.It has been great to be with you. My life feels nice, easy and balanced. Without you I would never be who I am today.
Thank you very much Kirsten Stendevad for the amazing work you have put in this training.
You are a wonderful woman, outstanding.”
Kasia J

“I’m simply SO grateful and happy to be part of this process with beautiful inspiring and powerful people. Even though my year has been characterized by rejuvenation after stress and burnout, and I have therefore not had the energy to go all in on all the training, I’ve got a lot out of it. Every time we approach the 1st of the month, I look forward to unpacking the gift from you and see what inspiration I will receive. ”

Attending the training felt like coming home. Your ability to create networks and to develop the goddesses in us, I find deeply fascinating and I learn as much from what you share as from how you do things. I love meeting passionate people who “walk the talk “!!!”

Leanne L

I really got an eye opener by attending the training.

I think there is so much gold in the training and I’m looking forward every time I’m going. I love the space and the freedom when we meet.

I think you get feminine movement, silence and information to unite beautifully. That means so much.

The recordings from the teaching are amazing.

The monthly focus topics are super good.

So from here, I send you a HUGE THANK YOU because I have the opportunity to attend this training.

It gives me so much value.


I feel the content as very exciting and developing. A very good combination of theory, practical tools and transformational tasks. You convey it all in a beautiful manner and with an authenticity that really has impact. You are funny, empathetic and inspiring.

Anne Mette N.
Online attendee

I have been very happy to attend the training.

I didnt have many expectations as my decision to attend was taken very quickly on the basis of a couple of friends recommendations.

The road was like paved for me – and I certainly do not regret following it.

I’m SO happy I joined and I feel that a whole new world has opened up for me.

With much gratitude.

Vibeke L

The course has given me closer contact with my feminine essence and my lap. It has given me greater faith in my feminine power. I’ve used the “get access to your body intelligence” exercises a lot. It has been rewarding to be part of the women’s community. It has been nice to meet for live training also. There is so much substance in the material that I will listen through it again and again.

Anne Grethe L.

I have reconnected to my feminine power and created balance between my masculine and feminine, which has benefitted both my personal life and my business tremendously. Kirsten has an indescribably beautiful and powerful way to convey courage, trust, respect and knowledge so that I have felt heard and embraced all along the way. She manages with sharpness, kindness and humor to lead the way to greater cohesion and balance – both within each individual and in relationships. Kirsten’s courses receive my warmest and grateful recommendations.

Camilla Schou, entrepreneur

I have opened up to my sensual side, which was shut down before.
I can now feel myself as a woman again, including my masculine side. I have become aware of what strength and courage to act I have.

I dare stand out and stand up for what I believe in, even when it’s difficult.
All the exercises we received have helped me recover my balance.

I have gained clarity and now know what I want and don´t.

I have opened my heart and work purposefully, at my own pace, to realize my vision.

I take responsibility now, with love.

So thank you Kirsten for what you’ve given me and for what I have managed to take with me.


The depth of this course is food for my soul.


It has been an inspiring year on all levels. You are a formidable teacher who with commitment, vitality and authenticity holds the room and each of us. You have created a unique space, where – in a world where everyone is closest to oneself – the faith in relationships is restored and nurtured. With admiration and gratitude.

Nille Bech
artist and author of “Butterflies & Pussytales”, who was conceived in the collective DHS energy in Aarhus 2016

Kirsten is my great inspirator. It has been a deeply developing year for me, I have taken ownership of my erotic intelligence, my body and my feminine energy in ways and areas I did not think existed in me. Kirsten teaches with much love and pleasure that is extremely infectious, there is so much joy and laughter in her presence. At the same time there is respect and great seriousness about the subjects. Kirsten shares with great knowledge, insight and wisdom. I can only recommend Kirsten with all of my heart.

Christie Harper

Kirsten, you are my great role model. Not just a wonderful and beautiful woman. But also amazingly wise, warm, heartful, empathetic, and whole. Thanks for the journey. I am out of words. It has been such a pleasure. Thank you very much.

Bettina, corporate leader

It has been an inspiring course that has opened for new and completely
unknown roads in me and my sensuality and that have changed my relationship with my femininity and my sexuality forever.
You lift the vibration for so many, in such a large way that it affects us all, universally. It is SO big.



Judging by the feedback I have received through the many years I have worked as an author, lecturer, leadership trainer, mentor and entrepreneurial coach, I’m an inspiring catalyst for people and companies wishing to create a brighter future for themselves and others.

I help people and businesses adapt to 21st century paradigms so they can become uplifting frontrunners who think bigger, contribute more, see clearly, are able to to surf on chaos and show a sustainable way forward by illuminating the landscape, even in the dark.

I have the gift of being able to spot the potential in people and businesses and help them develop it. I have a sense of which leadership is “calling” and how to realize it, even with pleasure.

I’m constantly learning myself (currently belly dance!) and teach only what inspires me. I’m known for my ability to gather different tools, perspectives and people, and connect them in a way so that they benefit from each other and create results that could not otherwise have been achieved so effectively. I enjoy witnessing so many of the people I’ve met on my trainings flourish and leave the world better than when they found it.

What most pleases are all the heartwarming often lasting relationships that are created between participants and to experience my leadership training participants help, support and nurture each other in unpredictable ways.


I am a creative, intuitive, visionary and solution-oriented person dedicated to leadership.

I believe that the era where leadership comes from appointed authorities is passé. Today, everybody must grab a task to help solve the many complex issues facing us collectively.

The art is to figure out how to contribute to the community, start doing it and refining along the way.

In my perspective it is important that we all take co-responsibility for co-creating the future, both our own and the common.

I would like to help ensure that the development of our humanity keeps up to speed with the technological development, so technology does not become a heartless dominator, but a servant of a conscious humanity.

I’m a networker. You do not hire a one-woman band, except if you prefer so. I have the privilege of knowing some of the most inspiring people in the world, and jointly, we can solve larger tasks.

I believe in “lifelong learning.” Therefore, I have founded the web video media eKSplore and the podcast The Future is Feminine , where I interview leaders with and without title, so I can keep growing and the wisdom and cutting edge inspiration I find with others.


  • “I highly recommend Kirsten’s course. It’s life-transforming! Good inspiration, beautiful people and a lot of personal development. “
  • “I think it’s so worth the price. …Even hard to put a price tag on because it is a totally transforming training. “
  • “The training has definitely lived up to my expectations, actually exceeded my wildest imagination.”
  • “Can strongly recommend the trainings to others, especially if you want change. “
  • “I’ve now got so much more enjoyment into my life and I have learned how I can take leadership for co-creating what I desire.”
  • “I’ve changed 100,000% . I would recommend it to anyone who dreams of living a wonderful life …”
  • “Can only recommend this training to everyone … A real door opener on many levels.”
  • “This training is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Kirsten creates an unpretentious and warm room, where she presents all her wild tools. I have experienced an inner transformation that continues to have ripple effects on many levels. “
  • “The training was very much in line with my expectations – I actually received a lot I did not know I could expect to get …”
  • “I’m so happy with the investment I made in myself – it’s invaluable.”
  • “Thanks for all that I’ve received on the training – it’s so incredibly important to me!”
  • “For the sake of pleasure, I could take the whole training again!”




I am visionary and have often been quoted in the media because I point out mega trends before they become mainstream.

I work as a transforming catalyst for internal and external growth.

I don´t just ask “the right questions.”

I see the potential of people and businesses, and help them achieve it by revealing and releasing unconscious blockages, and incorporating new mindset and habits that are consistent with the highest vision.

I prefer to teach groups, but it´s also possible to book an individual session.


I am (co) author of 7 trendsetting books about the 21st century paradigms,including The new F @ mily, Motherhood as a Career Booster, The new Career Dad,, The Millionairess Method and The Future is Feminine.

I’ve also contributed to the # 1 Amazon Bestseller Shine Your Light, Powerful Practises for an Extraordinary Life along with the NY Times bestsellers authors Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood and Marci Smirnoff.

I have grown up in an international environment and worked 10 years as a free lance journalist in New York, focusing on new trends.

I have taken a number of “inner career” trainings, among others as Kundalini Yoga instructor and Evolutionary Coach. I have also studied leadership, energy work, business, etc. – currently I am studying oriental women´s wisdom and belly dance.

I live in Frederiksberg with my husband and am the mother of three children, two on earth and one in heaven.

My book The Future is Feminine – The 7 Pillars of 21st Century Leadership that take you and your business from Great to Extraordinary is on it´s way in English.


“She ́s passionate about her themes and carries a deep, inner enthusiastic fire, which leaves everyone inspired and enlivened. She has an enthusiasm for life and its possibilities, that you rarely meet. Such a thing we could use more of as a nation – but Kirsten Stendevad makes it up for many, with her unique personality and loving impact.”

“Kirsten is a highly skilled facilitator and speaker. She is always well prepared, clear and captivating with her dedication and strong voice. I also experience Kirsten’s professionalism in her ability to talk not only to, but rather with her audience in a lively, present and inspiring way. My warmest recommendations”

“Kirsten Stendevad is an exceptionally inspiring and illuminating woman and speaker. She has a rare ability to see past the obstacles many of us let ourselves be stopped by, and she contaminates us with her enthusiasm for new thoughts and ideas. She is always on the cutting edge of emerging trends, including spiritual insights.”

“Kirsten is a wonderful teacher and a role model for women in our time. Her trainings are not only great – they are extraordinary

“You are the most inspiring person I know.”

“You are a big shot leading mentor in the spotlight with an important message to the world. Go tell it.”

“You are an extraordinary woman. I hold you very close in my heart”

“You are an amazing woman. You are a seeker of Truth. You were born to inspire other women on all levels, in all areas.”



“Business wise I took a quantum leap during the trainng and established my own communications agency with customers. The training was incredibly efficient at transforming me and helped me see the highest in myself, believe in myself, and go for some of the things I really dreamed about, despite thoughts like “It will be hard and hard” and “Can I do it?”

The course also helped with my family: I became better at tackling problems. I also got better at seeing the full glass instead of the half-empty glass. So the course can change one’s perception of life quite significantly. I got a lot out of it, in many areas ”

—Annemarie Jørvad (today communications director)

“I have been a military officer for a number of years, and I always felt I had to be like the men to be taken  seriously. But Kirsten managed to show me that you can be feminine and still have authority and impact. So today I’m more creative, dress more like a woman and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the future. It changed something inside me, and I feel she managed to get very far with me. ”

-Ingeborg Stein Nielsen

“The first time I saw Kirsten at a lecture and felt her amazing energy, I knew I had to attend one of her trainings. It ended up being the International Global Goddess Leadership Education in 2012. Like attracts like and Kirsten attracts amazing people to her programs. It has given me a network of beautiful women all over the world, some of which feel like friends for life. Before the training, I lacked a network, or did not know how to use the one I had. What I learned in Kirsten’s education has made a huge difference in both my private and professional life. ”

-Janne Hedengran Burchardt – Therapist, mentor and course manager.

”I have used Kirsten’s training as a foundation and support system when I started as a self-employed in a new country. I have been incredibly thankful to learn feminine leadership as my world is very technical and man dominated,  and it can be difficult to hold on to itself. I have started cultivating my hitherto underused feminine side, have started singing, taking a singer education and started writing songs. Interestingly, I have both strengtened my strengths and power, but also my humility and gratitude.

-Kirsten Hasberg – pHd,Founder, CEO of Energy Democracy

“Kirsten has really managed to create many ripple effects.

I have witnessed lots of women that, by participating in Kirsten’s programs, have gained the inspiration, the clarity and the strength and the methods to realize their visions.

Many new sisterhoods and collaborations have been formed thanks to the trainings.

Kirsten dares to think big and is a visionary, both for herself, but not least for the people she is in contact with and which she lovingly and consistenly supports. ”

—Elene Petersen – Psychomotor therapist, massage therapist, well-being and stresscoach, as well as mindfulness instructor

”I admire your willingness to see the greater potential in all your students – and to hold on to the bigger perspective yourself – even when it is difficult. For me, it has worked really well that the training has been running over several months, which has given an opportunity to work with tools month after month and implementing them little by little. The online temple has been a really good foundation in the process and I’ve got a lot out of being able to go back and check things up.

In general, I really enjoyed entering the “room” regularly and be allowed to drop everything in order to open up for new ways of thinking and acting in the world.  It forever changed my selfwort. I now see myself in a whole new light   and I will contribute to the world from that perspective.

-Sophie Hovdekorp – Founder of Lets Play Future –

“I have been very insecure about myself and could not see my talents, but Kirsten really made me understand that I am unique and made me see how I can contribute to the whole. It has given me a much higher sense of selfworth and confidence in the future.

You always get high from attending the trainings. Even on the days when you have lost hope, you leave the training floating on a cloud.

Kirsten has a fantastic energy, she is able to rise through even the worst thing that can happen to a mother and still be a beam of light.

She is an alchymist that sees the greatness in each individual. She is really there for each one, she is very present, she shows that she cares.

I do not think there are many who come to Kirsten without having their lives changed. ”

—Annastasia Damgård Lysdal – Autism-expert

“Your mentoring for entrepreneurs has meant a revolutionary change for me in how I’m doing my business now and in the future.

“You’ve moved me from working in a very masculine way to feminine flow. As a role model and mentor, you’ve shown that results can be created with pleasure and in alignment with your values. And that efficiency is not measured in how much time we spend on the job.

“You have shown me what network and knowledge sharing means for future companies and that collaboration, creativity and personal growth can not be omitted if we want to be successful. At the same time you meet the world with a curious drive, collect the best practises and generously share your insights and experiences.

With your constant inspiration, your strength and also vulnerability, you are one of my greatest models.

“Thank you very much, to be a catalyst for the global paradigm shift.”

-Paprika W. – Transition Coach, Consultant, Writer & Spiritual Mentor

”I felt that what Kirsten could offer would be good for me in my current state of life, and enrolled in her feminine leadership training.

I was blown backwards already in my first meeting with Kirsten, whom I experience as a grand, beautiful, enthusiastic, warm and loving person.

I experience Kirsten as selfless, sincere and present and curiously interested in her field.

I find that she is in constant personal and professional development, furthers her knowledge bank and shares her insights.

Kirsten is a bright front runner and shines.

She most beautifully unites greatness and humility in her work of bringing people together in various networks of personal development and business. ”

-Mette Vestergaard

When I started at the feminine leadership training, I was challenged in all areas of my life.

I just got divorced, I had no job, my finances were completely miserable and kept me awake at night.

I had no expectation that Kirsten’s feminine education would have as much influence on as many areas of life as it had and still has.

The tools I got are priceless and I use them every single day.

I can definitely say that my life has taken a different turn because I can not live without the tools now and after several years, I can see that they still work in me.

There’s not one thing in my life that’s not transformed!

I’ve become so excellent at manifesting the things I’d like to achieve, sometimes in a couple of hours, sometimes overnight, and I’m still stunned about what I am able to make happen.

Once you’ve been to Kirsten’s training, it’s like a huge ship has been set in motion towards new lands and it can not be stopped once you have started.

Kirsten’s wit and her way of sharing all her experience and knowledge have been crucial to me having gained as much of the course as I have. ”

-Sanne Graulund – Founder Voicefactory Denmark – &

“Kirsten Stendevad is the most beautiful living goddess I know.

Kirsten has a great understanding of women’s lives and is deeply committed to giving them / us tools so that we can be take leadership for creating the lives of our dreams.

This means that Kirsten in her teaching is very inspiring and a role model for women of all ages. She knows a lot, she dares and she is capable.

Kirsten is beautiful.

She is beautiful on the exterior, but it is the loving, pure, wise energy she has, that works along with her inspiring words.

Meeting other wonderful women and create new friendships is also an invaluable part of participating in Kirsten’s education. ”

-Cecilia Klose –

Kirsten is one of the rare people who offers to share her all-around amazing techniques to become a successful entrepreneur the feminine way.

I have followed several of her courses from Germany – online – and it works in every way.

What is so extraordinary about Kirsten is that she has walked the talk and still does so. She teaches in a way that produces amazing results not only for me but for all of us – and in a way transforms resistance and self-destruction so that you can go straight to the core and work from there.

It’s a true gift to be seen and heard by someone who has a business that is built around her life and family and not the other way around.

Taking an education in Feminine Leadership on top of the business training made so much sense to me. There is no doubt that it is valuable both privately and professionally to integrate more feminine values ​​such as empathy, pleasure, ease, help, community, healing and inner navigation – not just for women themselves but for business and society as well. I had the most beautiful party throughout the education and my development has taken rocket speed since.

I can in all ways recommend Kirsten’s trainings and her education in Feminine Leadership – especially if you want to shape your own future and co-create the future of the globe. ”

—Mia Poulsen – Entrepreneur, Economic Business Advisor, Coach, –

“Some of what has been great on Kirstens trainings has been energy work, including understanding the value of staying on the positive path.

I have enjoyed the yoga a lot.

I have been sitting in a wheelchair for many years and been paralyzed in my legs, and now I can move them again.

I think where I’ve transformed the most, it’s on the physical level to be able to do something more with my legs.

But also the mindset: I think differently now than before, and I really like it, because it gives different results.

In terms of business, it´s great to have a mentor who can come up with suggestions where I’m completely blank.

I love that she has the positive expectations for people, which makes most people react from the positive place.

Kirsten wants to see people big and she holds their visions like no one else.

She is crazy about creating networks and a room where people give to each other,

I appreciate it greatly. It creates power that spreads and makes it easier for me to manifest more results. ”

-Kristina Sangvita –

Editors note: Today, Kristina, who had been in a wheelchair for 14 years after a traffic accident when joined the education in feminine leadership, is both walking and dancing.

She has since been trained as a yoga instructor and has donated her wheelchair to charity. A testimony the possibility of making the impossible possible!

“Kirsten, you really manage to draw the spiritual into the new millennium in an amazingly beautiful feminine and contemporary way.

It’s a very enriching space created on your courses, and your energy work is amazing.

Everyone feels very welcome, inspired and uplifted around you.

You are a great healer if you ask me, and I have had the pleasure of having my energy read by you and feeling so deeply seen in my essence that my mind still rejoices with recognition  when I think about it.

I never forget who I am, because it created a permanent connection in my mind.

Having been at your courses has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.

It has centered me more, made me aware of my strengths, given deep pleasure in being exactly who I am, and placed my soul in the driver’s seat.

I can only recommend Kirsten’s Feminine Leadership and Business courses. ”

—Susanne Hedal Sørensen,

“I have participated in Kirsten Stendevad’s Feminine Leadership training and it has made a big difference to me, both in my private life and to a great extent also in my business.

I’ve become more aware of the processes that lie behind the ways I’ve been acting so far and I’ve been able to correct them so I’ve become more efficient and focused.

In addition, I have realized the importance of implementing the feminine values ​​and attributes.

As a direct result of the course, I have made new initiatives in my business that have given positive growth. ”

—Kathrine Hjenner –

“Having attended Kirstens trainings has begun a great personality development journey and opened up to an incredibly feminine side in me, which I had lost contact with.

I have now take ownership of my life and my own dreams.

Thanks to Kirsten and the other inspirational women in the training, I now have it all: I can be a really good mother as I would like to be, a good partner and at the same time be self-employed.

When I think Kirsten Stendevad, I think femininity, female strength, humor, care, magnetism, inspiration, energy, joy of being a woman and the strength of being a woman.

Kirsten is very authentic and that’s what she’s passing on. To look into the core of who you are, to not copy others, but find your own unique essence and path. ”

—Tanja Raft Damborg – Entrepreneur

“The reason I took Kirstens training was because I wanted to strengthen my ability to live a enjoyable life and at the same time I was attracted to the way Kirsten did it because it was such a nice high-vibrating and deep way. I got exactly what I came for. I had a tendency to fly and run from one shiny object to the other, but Kirsten had a very nice calming effect on me, and at the same time I felt uplifted and inspired to do everything with pleasure.

Kirsten is incredibly generous. She has a great ability to see the beautiful and greatest potential in all people and in the smallest things, which is quite impressive.

The sincere, honest, loving and transparent way Kirsten was dealing with her son’s disease and at the same time led a group through an international certification training was so inspiring and transforming for all of us that I still do not really have words for it today.

No one better than her could ever taught tthis, because she does not teach – she IS. Feminine leadership in every cell THANK YOU Kirsten for all that you are and give. And for all that you have given me.”

—Sofia Vinzent Jacobsen – Horsewhisperer and trainer,



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